Meet Ksenia
"Do you treasure truthful, sincere, unfaked shots
as much as I do?"

I have been shooting weddings, couples and families from all around the world since 2010.

I had clients from all continents, all major religions, races and identities. I am a really open person who easily makes a heart-to-heart connection to anyone, be it a someone's little Chinese nephew or a Colombian great-grandma.

If I am not shooting or editing, you may find me meditating at one of the stunning Portuguese beaches, wandering around a forest, doing yoga in a park, listening to some soft live jazz music in a bar or exploring new lands, tastes and experiences.

I am awful at all sorts of competitions, so I am not "the 53 awards winning photographer". I just love what I am doing and try to give the best of me at every shoot while trying to live my life consciously. If all you want is to have sincere, truthful, highly professional photos, then I am definitely your girl.
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