Hello, wonderful parent!

I feel you. You are stressed about the thought of taking professional photos with your family, and you are at the right place.

Yes, it will be a bit chaotic.
Yes, your kid(s) will most likely be wild.
Yes, they will not freeze looking and smiling at the camera.

But that's exactly what we need!

You will laugh, hug, and have a good time with your family.
I will offer you fun games and activities.
Two hours will fly like minutes.

And then you will open your photo gallery
and gasp at how beautiful you look
and how unique you guys are all together, as a family.

I do family photography all over continental Portugal.

As kids feel most free at home, on playgrounds, beaches, or in any other open-air places, those are my favorite locations to take photos.

If you are visiting Lisbon or Porto and want to do a street photoshoot,
I will choose the easiest routes without too many climbs, including open spaces like riversides or parks.

Let's create some fun memories together!
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